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Home Birth Package


Birth in your own home environment is a safe and relaxing option. For many people it enhances feelings of calmness and control; key elements for reducing interventions in birth and improving physical and emotional outcomes. At a home birth everything becomes your choice; its your space and you decide who will be with you, what you do and when you do it. Of course we will be there to support you every step of the way and help you to make fully informed decisions, keeping you and your baby safe throughout the birth process. 

Empowering You In Birth

What makes this service so special is that you will get to know your midwife and she will know you. When the time of your birth arrives you will feel safe and confident that your midwife knows exactly what you want, how you want it and you know that is how it will be! We guarantee that we will be available to attend your birth when it happens, so you can relax, knowing you are in safe hands!

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The homebirth package includes 3 antenatal visits during pregnancy and our guaranteed attendance at your birth at home. All of your care is provided to your individual needs and preferences. You can expect your antenatal visits to last between one to two hours but if you prefer them to be shorter or longer we are more than happy to accommodate to your personal preferences. All appointments are in your own home and on a day and time to suit you-including evenings and weekends.

We recommend all packages are dual booked with your local maternity service, to access screening bloods, maternal wellbeing bloods and ultrasound scanning. We will be happy to arrange this on your behalf. This facilitates a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team approach which is best clinical practice. However, private blood tests and ultrasound testing can be arranged if you wish to opt out of hospital-based care at additional costs.

Antenatal Visits:

Each antenatal visit is themed to provide education and empowerment, without overwhelming you, and it will be tailored to your needs. Your independent midwife will conduct each session in a relaxed, unhurried, informal style that allows you to engage on your own terms. All birthing partners, or whoever you wish, can also be present for these appointments, as you are the lead decision-maker in your care. You will receive 3 antenatal visits including;

First appointment

Booking appointment to discuss your medical history and any previous pregnancies, at home (please note that if you are choosing to book with us during any stage of your pregnancy then this appointment will still be required). .

From 28 weeks

Birth Preparation course at home

Click here for more information on birth preparation

  You can then choose 1 of the following antenatal sessions (additional sessions can be purchased separately);

From 28 weeks

Hypnosis for Birth course at home

Click here for more information on hypnobirthing 

From 28 weeks

Preparing to breastfeed session with Jenny

Click here for more information on preparing to breastfeed

From 39 Weeks

Aromatherapy massage by Sarah to promote labour and membrane sweep (if requested).

Click here to learn more about aromatherapy in pregnancy

Sharing Experience, Sharing Skills

While the majority of your care will be provided by the same Midwife, at least one birth preparation appointment will be deliberately cross covered so that you can meet another team member and benefit from the individual skills of each Midwife, in order to set you up, beautifully, for a successful birthing experience.



You will have 24/7 access to your own midwife, enabling you to contact her during early labour for advice and support and even request a visit, if you want to. Your midwife will attend your birth when you ask her to and will stay with you until your baby is born (even if you need or choose to go into hospital). As the time of the birth approaches a second midwife will also join you. You can be certain that your birth will be attended by 2 experienced, confident and enthusiastic midwives; who are strong advocates for the power of your body and natural birth! After the birth your midwives will tidy everything away, whilst you focus on your tiny new family member. They will stay with you for around 2-4 hours after the birth or for as long as you need them, before leaving you tucked up together feeling comfortable and confident. 

Each homebirth package includes;

  • 2 midwives on call for your birth 24/7, from 37 weeks gestation. 
  • 2 x cylinders of 700L Entonox, at your home, from 36 weeks gestation (option for additional cylinders at £75 each)
  • Inflatable birthing pool provided
  • A single use pool kit to keep
  • Use of a TENS Machine
  • Peach wood labour comb to keep 
  • Aromatherapy body and bath oils for use from 37+ weeks and in labour
  • Immediate postnatal care for both mother and baby, including support with the initiation of your chosen feeding method
  • Newborn examination as part of the national screening programme

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Price: £5000

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Safety Is Always Our Priority

Your birth will have full birth insurance cover included.

We will support you with any complications that you may meet in pregnancy and facilitate informed decision-making, via a shared, multidisciplinary approach. We carry the same emergency equipment and medication that is used by all maternity homebirth services. We are highly skilled and trained to safely and effectively manage any obstetric emergency that may occur, this is further enhanced as between us we have over 30 years of midwifery experience (mostly gained working in busy NHS units).

In order to do this, Jenny and Sarah work to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence – NICE – guidelines for gold standard clinical care. They are both NMC registered, and therefore adhere to the NMC code of conduct. They are also RCM and RCN union members. Aromatherapy services for pregnancy and birth are covered by Hiscock professional insurance.

All births are covered by professional indemnity insurance, which is inclusive of the chosen birth package costs. This covers all birth settings and professionals involved in your care as required by law.



A Complete Service With Your Own Dedicated Midwife

We're with you in the lead-up, during your birth and in the weeks afterwards, providing support and care when you need it the most.

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