One-to-one Hypnobirthing And Birth Preparation

We are delighted to introduce our one-to-one hypnobirthing and birth preparation classes to you. These sessions are designed to be interactive and fun so that you and your birth partner feel supported and included throughout. One-to-one sessions have the advantage of being relaxed and tailored to your individual requirements. The aim is to empower you, preparing you for a positive and confident birth.

We recommend that you start your hypnobirthing course when you are between 24 and 34 weeks pregnant, however, it's never too late! 







Why Choose My Independent Midwife One-To-One Hypnobirthing And Birth Preparation?


Experienced Midwives

We are experienced and fully insured midwives who are specially trained to deliver hypnobirthing. For over a combined period of 30 years we have supported thousands of people as they birth their babies. We know how important this experience is to you!


Individualised Information

One-to-one sessions enable us to really get to know you and the information you need to put you at ease and get the very most out of your sessions. Sessions are informal and interactive, ensuring that you are involved, understanding and enjoying how to have a calm and confident birth.


Fun and Informative

The sessions are designed to be fun and easy to understand. We will not only show you effective hypnobirthing techniques and empower you to use them but also provide education regarding the process of birth. 


Ongoing Support

Many parents enjoy joining our online expectant parent groups and receiving ongoing peer and professional support throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

A choice of locations to suit you

One to one sessions are provided on a day and at a time convenient to you. We are able to provide weekday, evening and weekend appointments


If you live within a 1hour travel distance from us, relax and make yourself comfortable and let us come to you!

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Maternity Hub

If you live a little further away from us, don't worry, join us at our maternity hub in Ellesmere Port.

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If you live even further away or just prefer the high-tech world, then a virtual session could be just the thing for you!

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 A choice of content to suit you

Choose from hypnobirthing or hypnobirthing combined with birth preparation



2 x 2 hour hypnobirthing sessions that will cover everything you need to know about hypnobirthing, including access to online hypnobirthing audio scripts.


 Hypnobirthing and parent preparation


4 x 2 hour sessions that will cover everything you need to know about hypnobirthing and to complement hypnobirthing, our parent preparation course aims to fully prepare you for your birth. Utilising the latest evidenced based information you will learn about the physiology of birth, the choices you can make and how to decide what is right for you and your baby. Includes access to online hypnobirthing audio scripts




Contact us to find out more about our friendly, interactive hypnobirthing and parent preparation courses..  


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