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Do you need a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow can be a great investment into both your sleep and your comfort throughout pregnancy and beyond  more  

How can I guarantee gas and air for my birth?

Access to entonox aka gas and air in labour is a big issue in the UK for many families. Some maternity unit have had to withdraw entonox as an option for pain relief due. How can y...  more  

How do I become an Independent Midwife?

Indemnity insurance options around private Midwifery are changing – but how do you go about making the most of this new way to work as a Midwife? Transitioning from a hospital o...  more  

10 ways to get your oxytocin flowing to its full potential in labour!

Most people aim for the most effective, efficient, and smooth experience during labour. While much of labour cannot be controlled any more than the weather, it is possible to maxim...  more  

Why choose an Independent Midwife?

Why would you choose care from an Independent Midwife? The benefits of continuity of care are enormous for the pregnant person and their baby. A private midwife has the time, exper...  more