Alison, gil and baby Levi

Alison and Gil chose to use My Independent Midwife because they wanted to guarantee that they would have good support and continuity of care from their midwife. Levi is their second baby and arrived at home in the birth pool.


Alison had planned a homebirth with her first child, Bow, and did an amazing job of labouring at home with her NHS midwife. As Alison approached full dilation her midwife felt that things were taking a bit to long and encouraged Alison to transfer into hospital. At hospital Alison felt coerced into accepting care and procedures that she didn't want and on reflection didn't feel was necessary. Worse, she didn't feel listened to or respected and this had a long-term impact on her mental health. Gil also felt really conflicted and unsupported in hospital. When Alison and Gil found out that they were expecting another baby, they were determined to have a positive homebirth experience and felt that My Independent Midwife would support them to achieve this.

Alison's pregnancy was lovely and straightforward. Jenny was her lead midwife and spent lots of time discussing all aspects of birth with Alison and Gil so that they fully understood all of their decisions and choices. Alison was completely sure that home was the right environment for her to birth her baby and Jenny fully supported this choice. Jenny also prepared Alison for the support and choices that she would have if transfer into hospital became necessary.

Bow arrived on his due date so Alison anticipated that this baby would also do this. However, as the due date approached, Alison unfortunately fell ill with a virus and found herself confined to bed poorly. The due date came and went whilst Alison's body fought off the virus. Alison became concerned that the baby might not be in a good position for delivery or that something else might be wrong, especially as she was trying every natural remedy possible to start labour. Alison even considered a membrane sweep, which she didn't really want when it was discussed earlier in the pregnancy. Jenny came for an extra antenatal visit, at Alison's request, to discuss this. It soon became obvious that Alison didn't need or want a sweep, instead it was decided that she would spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying the final few days of pregnancy and we would see how she felt on Monday.

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On Sunday morning, 8 days past the due date, Alison woke up with mild tightening's and at 6:30am put on her TENs machine. By 9am the tightening's were every 5-7 minutes and at 11:15 they suddenly became more intense and frequent. Gil asked Jenny to join them at 11:30am and Jenny left straight away. Gil started to fill up the pool and Alison started to feel strong urges to push. Both Alison and Gil felt well prepared for the birth and through sheer determination Alison found the strength to get into the gradually filling pool. As Jenny arrived baby Levi's head had just been born and Gil was calmly and confidently offering words of support. Jenny offered gentle words of encouragement and Levi was born into the water and brought to the surface by his delighted parents. All was calm and natural with no interventions, exactly as Alison had wanted it to be.

Alison rested in the water for a little while and then started to have surges again, her placenta was ready to be born. Alison felt uncomfortable in the pool, so with the cord still attached she moved onto the couch. The placenta was delivered shortly afterwards (without the need for any injections) and then Gil cut Levi's cord.

Bow had a severe tongue-tie and struggled to breastfeed for the first week until his tongue-tie was divided. Gil spotted that Levi also seemed to have a tongue-tie whist holding him in skin-to-skin contact. Jenny confirmed that Levi was 100% tongue-tied. Alison tried to breastfeed Levi but he was really struggling to latch onto the breast. Alison and Gil therefore asked Jenny to divide the tongue-tie, which as a qualified and CQC registered tongue-tie practitioner, she was able to do. Baby Levi then went onto successfully have his first breastfeed.

The next day big brother Bow was delighted to meet his new baby brother, in his own home, just the way Alison and Gil always hoped it would be.



Message from Alison .......



Choosing Jenny as our midwife is one of the best decisions we have ever made. With her support, pregnancy and birth have been a joy. From the first meeting we felt listened to, safe, and in the hands of someone who genuinely cares about our family. Jenny believed in me and championed me every step of the way, helping me believe I could have the birth I always dreamed of, and preparing Gil to be the most incredible birth partner. She also brought clarity and closure to an awful first birth experience, helping me understand what happened and too see that I was not to blame. 
The care Jenny and Sarah provide is life changing and I have been on cloud 9 since Levi's birth, which was a dream come true. I will treasure these memories and this experience forever.