Anna, Louis and baby lilly



Anna is a Doula, hypnobirthing teacher, and breastfeeding peer supporter. She had 2 previous smooth and fast births. The last had been a homebirth during the covid-19 pandemic. While it was an overall positive experience, the on/off homebirth service and the discouragement of using the pool left her disappointed - she'd always wanted a water birth.

Anna had seriously considered freebirth but felt that having a midwife present would allow her to relax, knowing she had support in case anything occurred that she couldn't manage herself.

Due to her experience in the birthing world, Anna firmly believes in independent midwifery and was delighted that My Independent Midwife were available to support her through the pregnancy.

The pregnancy flew by uneventfully, and one evening in her 41st week, Anna text to say she thought her waters had released, but nothing was happening yet


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Sarah went to check on Anna and she was right. All was calm, and the baby was settled. The older children were in bed, and Lewis was on the night shift at work. Anna was happy to wait and rest, so  Sarah headed home.

A couple of hours later, Anna called again to say she thought labour might be starting but that she didn't think she needed Sarah to come just yet. However, Sarah offered to come and sit quietly in the corner as she suspected that once Anna's labour started, that the baby would quickly be here. Sarah called Jenny to set off too.

5 minutes later, Sarah was there, and labour was clearly established and progressing rapidly. Lewis had come back from work and was preparing the pool and we headed to the birth space.

Anna was quickly in 2nd stage and she felt like moving into the pool would not be possible. Lewis knew how much it meant to Anna to get into the pool and supported her by lifting her up and into the water.

The water worked its magic - baby was on the way and just as Anna birthed baby's head, Jenny appeared and quietly came in.

Anna birthed her baby into the water and picked her up. Baby Lily was here! The whole labour lasted 30 minutes and the older 2 children slept through it all. We supported and celebrated, while Anna focused on breastfeeding Lily. Around an hour later the placenta was delivered without the need for an oxytocin injection.


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