Gillian, Richard and Skye


As I write my birth story, my 6 week old baby Skye is snuggled into me. We are relaxed in my own bed, right beside where she entered the world. It brings a huge smile to my face.

Having Sarah and Jenny as my midwives for my recent birth is one of the most rewarding decisions I think I've ever made; They are absolutely the reason that I had such a wonderful birthing experience.

I first spoke to Sarah on the phone when I was looking for support with my third birth - I was unfamiliar with the maternity care in my area as we had just moved up North. Her bubbly and enthusiastic voice immediately put me at ease and I just knew I needed to have her as my midwife.

All my antenatal appointments were relaxing, worked around when suited me and Sarah soon became like an old friend - making me a brew, entertaining my other kids during our appointments and helping me set up my beautiful birthing space. She is a font of all maternity knowledge, providing me with up to date clinical evidence for any choice I wanted to make. This was hugely helpful in me navigating the breech presentation of my baby. She accompanied me to appointments above and beyond our planned ones, including being right beside me during my successful ECV. She was my cheerleader, advocating for me and making me feel empowered by the birth decisions I was making.

independent midwife in Liverpool and Manchester


When it neared my baby's arrival, nothing was ever too much trouble - communication at all times of the day and night; Sarah always made me feel at ease. Her homeward bound massage certainly worked wonders as after 2 days of latent labour during the night, she provided this treatment at our morning appointment and all kicked off the following day. Coincidence, I think not! (Definitely aided by the full moon!)

I woke to a beautiful sunrise on Easter morning. Something about the beautiful colours made me certain it would be a special day. After keeping in touch throughout the day whilst I had strong but spaced out contractions, Sarah arrived and things soon started to ramp up a little. She walked round my garden with me, encouraging me to move and listen to my body. As things were speeding up a bit we went inside to my birth setting. Sarah could tell that I needed to bring the energy level down. With birth affirmations and fairy lights on, Sarah put on some beautiful essentials oils in my diffuser and encouraged me to change positions to help cope with the surges. She intuitively knew when I needed to try something different and before long, surges were coming thick and fast.


I knew I wanted to try the pool but I had felt unable to in my first two births. Sarah persuaded me to get in (we had joked that I was going to do this come rain or shine!) and it was absolutely wonderful. The feeling of the warm water at exactly the right stage made me feel calm and far more in control than previous births. 

Jenny, our amazing second midwife had arrived to assist and together they allowed me my space to birth how I wanted but encourage me when I needed some reassurance. Baby Skye was born in the water after the most amazing, natural, self-led process and both Jenny and Sarah could not have been more amazing.

I had no tearing and felt so relaxed afterwards. Being at home, my 4 year old (way past bed time!) came straight in to see us right and it was a moment of pure joy I will never forget. 

 independent midwife in Liverpool and Manchester

independent midwife in Liverpool and Manchester 

Jenny assessed Skye's feeding straight away and was able to diagnose and correct her tongue tie. This has enable us to have a brilliant feeding journey right from the word go. After having feeding struggles with my other two, making sure it went as smoothly as possible was very important to me. It was invaluable having someone there so soon after birth to help.

Having Skye at home was absolutely wonderful and I could never have managed it without my amazing midwives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xxx