Robyn, Kain and baby Seren

Robyn chose to have an independent midwife because her mum is also also an independent midwife, who wanted Robyn to have the advantages of a continuity midwife. Robyn's mum was present to support Robyn during her birth so only Sarah attended the birth (as requested by Robyn). Jenny was on hand after the birth when breastfeeding support was needed.  Seren is Robyn and Kain's first baby and arrived at home in the pool!

Robyn had a lovely straightforward pregnancy. For several days before the birth Robyn experienced surges and niggles that caused a few sleepless nights and some anxiety. Sarah was on hand to visit Robyn and provide 24/7 phone support whenever Robyn needed reassurance or a listening ear. Robyn requested some membrane sweeps during this time to try and speed things up a little bit. 

Robyn's membranes released a day before Seren was born, but the surges didn't change much despite this. Robyn chose to stay at home and use her birthing techniques to relax and allow her labour to establish.

 Around 28 hours later the pressure was coming in frequent waves.  These waves continued to build and Robyn asked Sarah (her lead midwife) to join her, of course her wonderful mum was already there!

Robyn got into the pool and started using the gas and air (entonox) which she found really helped to ease the discomfort that she was feeling. 


A few hours later Robyn felt pressure and her body encouraged her to start pushing 

Baby Seren was born and Robyn and Kain gently brought her to the surface of the pool.

Robyn wanted the cutting of Seren's cord to be delayed, she delivered her placenta in the pool after having an injection of oxytocin.

A message from Robyn.......



From the moment we met Sarah at my booking appointment myself and my partner were so excited for our pregnancy journey. Sarah shared the same excitement for our pregnancy and with each word gave me confidence in myself to achieve the birth of my dreams. Sarah shared knowledge, equipped us with information, shared stories, made me laugh and reassured me if I had any doubts. Our appointments were never rushed, relaxed and conducted in our home. Sarah included my dogs and calmed them whilst we practiced hypnobirthing together. Answered countless texts to reassure my busy mind. Checked my partner understood every aspect of care and why it was required. Respected my decisions to decline routine practices but made sure it was an informed decision by giving me insight to any risks.

My incredible Midwife was above all so believing in me and my body and what women can achieve with continuity of carer, a supportive family, a calm loving environment and gold standard antenatal education. I achieved something that I will forever be proud of, we welcomed my first baby into the world at home with a 3 hour active labour, no perineal trauma, minimal blood loss and the most amazing experience of birth for everyone present. I could not have asked for a more supportive, kind, knowledgeable midwife to care for me and my family.

Jenny was on hand in my postnatal period to provide feeding support and a tongue tie assessment. I was promptly invited to a clinic that was warm, welcoming and supportive to mine and my babies needs. I was given time to explain my breast feeding journey, my concerns and was presented with a kind and friendly informative discussion. My baby was gently assessed by Amanda and Jenny for a tongue tie and I was given the evidence on having this corrected. Together myself and Jenny decided on a plan that was inclusive of evidence based practice and my personal wishes to enable weight gain for my newborn and it was respected that I didn't wish to have a tongue tie division at this moment and wanted to try other measures first. Thankyou again for being so supportive on this day.

I could never put into words my gratitude to My Independent Midwife for guiding me to achieve the most positive birth experience. I will forever be eternally grateful. The care we received throughout was outstanding and I feel so lucky to have shared my journey with such empowering women, I could not have done it without your ongoing support. You are incredible at what you do.