Rosie, Dave and Freddie

Freddie is celebrating 6 weeks today and writing this still makes me tear up thinking of the experience we had as a family and the joy that Sarah and Jenny provided us. 

I am a first time Mum who was recommended the idea of an independent midwife by a friend, way back in February 2023. After that I had a look online for local independent services. As soon as I stumbled upon the My independent Midwife website I fell in love. We arranged a first consultation and from the moment Sarah stepped in the door both myself and my partner knew that this was how our journey would go. We were immediately comfortable and laughing and impressed by Sarah's knowledge and professionalism 

Sarah came to our house for all our antenatal appointments, and even an Airbnb when we had to move out for a week! I did have a very stress and complication free pregnancy but I would definitely put this down to the stress free way in which we had our appointments and the ability to ask questions via WhatsApp when I felt I needed support. 

Sarah has a very practical and pragmatic approach to issues which I feel cuts through the minefield of conflicting information that can be found in mainstream care and on the Internet. My plan was a home water birth and as my due date approached I felt like I understood completely what was to come and at no stage did I fear it. 

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I ended up going to 41+5 which was hard as you become hyper vigilant to every feeling and change in your body. Sarah was patient with my random WhatsApps about my symptoms, which turned out to be nothing at all. My labour finally started at 1am on a Friday morning and the confidence she had given me gave me the ability to manage this on my own until 6am when I casually messaged to say things were definitely starting. 

Sarah arrived at 11am, but when she arrived my contractions stopped. I needed to rest! She had an hour's travel to us but at no stage was this an issue and she ended up going home and coming back. It is my nature to worry about putting her out but it was never an issue and she put myself and my partner first. 

At 7pm Sarah returned as my labour had progressed enough to warrant her return. Her return brought so much comfort to me and whilst my partner was incredible support, Sarah's presence was next level. 

Jenny arrived and between them they took care of me and talked me through every contraction, making sure I knew all was well and normal and I was doing brilliantly. They also made my partner feel supported and cared for, which is an underrated requirement.




 Baby Freddie was born At 11:39 into more happiness, calm and love than I could ever have hoped or imagined.  I always expected birth to be chaotic and Intrusive but my experience was absolutely magical and I find myself playing it back in my mind in the early hours feeding my precious little boy. 

In the hours after the birth we sat around in the comfort of our home holding our new little boy while Sarah and Jenny took care of me and then made themselves comfortable on our sofa. The image of them in the early hours sitting making their notes and laughing and reliving the birth was special and serene and moment that I'll never forget. 

I would also like to take a moment to talk about the postnatal care that I received as it often goes unnoticed. Everyone talks about antenatal care, as labour is the big event, but the postnatal support I received was priceless and I don't know how I would have got through the first month of life with Freddie without the support and guidance of both Sarah and Jenny. I received so much more than those around me, having babies at the same time, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had this experience.