Ruth, Dom and baby Jesse

Ruth and Dom chose to use My Independent Midwife after being told that the NHS may not be able to accommodate a home birth. Baby Jesse is their first baby and arrived at home in the birth pool.

Initially Ruth and Dom had planned to have a birth only package of care as their priority was ensuring that a midwife would be available to attend their homebirth when the time came. However, Ruth felt that the NHS was making her pregnancy more medicalised than was necessary, so chose to receive antenatal and birth care from My Independent Midwife, trusting them to give individualised, holistic care and reduce routine interventions.

Ruth had border line raised blood pressure when she attended some late routine NHS appointments; she felt this was due to "white coat syndrome" but there was an understandable concern on the part of clinicians that high blood pressure can be an indication of pre-eclampsia. When Ruth decided to get additional support from My Independent Midwife, her blood pressure was monitored with no further concerns allowing Ruth to really enjoy the final weeks of her pregnancy and feel confident and capable of having the birth she'd planned. As well as helping Ruth feel in control over her pregnancy, the additional care was really useful in learning more about what happens to a women's body during labour and the breast feeding sessions were invaluable as Ruth has had no issues with breast feeding. 

independent midwife in Liverpool and Manchester



Ruth started feeling mild surges at around 2:30am the day before Jesse was born, she coped beautifully with them and even managed to get some sleep and then the surges eased off during the day. Ruth and Dom spent the day relaxing and making sure that Ruth ate and stayed well hydrated. Ruth's Mum and Dad spent time with Ruth during the day and evening, helping her feel supported and excited for the birth. 

At 10 past midnight Ruth was sick and 20 minutes later her waters released. Ruth and Dom asked Jenny to join them. When Jenny arrived Ruth was coping perfectly. It was very obvious that she was in established labour and there was no need for a vaginal examination. Dom had half filled the birthing pool already and when it was ready Ruth got in and immediately felt her discomfort ease.


independent midwife in Liverpool and Manchester

independent midwife in Liverpool and Manchester

Ruth coped amazingly in the pool and also used the gas and air (entonox) to help her through the surges. The labour progressed perfectly and after only 1 hour Jenny asked Sarah to join them as it was obvious things would be pretty quick.

As Ruth approached transition she started to find things quite tough and felt a little panicky about whether she could cope. Sarah quickly stepped in with an aromatherapy massage and not only did Ruth relax and regain control but the whole room quietened and became peaceful. The power of a well timed aromatherapy treatment is not to be underestimated!

It wasn't long before Ruth started to feel urges to push, listening to her body and feeling well supported she aided these urges. Baby Jesse was born at 04:52 in the morning in the pool at home, just as Ruth and Dom had planned it. He was gently brought to the surface of the pool and held by his delighted parents.

Ruth was undecided about how she wanted to deliver her placenta. She settled on a wait and see approach as she felt really comfortable resting in the pool with little Jesse. However, after a while she began to feel really uncomfortable with the surges her body was experiencing to separate the placenta. Ruth chose to get out of the pool and have the oxytocin injection so that Jenny could help deliver the placenta.


Baby Jesse fed very soon after the placenta was delivered. As My Independent Midwife would not be providing postnatal care, Jenny made sure that Ruth felt confident with the breastfeeding before leaving. Ruth was also able to contact Jenny with any feeding support questions that she had (not that she needed to as Jesse was a breastfeeding pro from the start!)

A message from Ruth ....... 



I bought a card in the weeks after the birth to say thank you but found that I struggled to find the right words as we were so grateful for what you did for us. My birth really was such a positive experience and I feel gave Jesse the best possible start in life.