Sammy, Simon and baby Isabella

Sammy and Simon chose to have an independent midwife following a visit to their local maternity hospital. They found the experience medicalised and impersonal. Isabella is Sammy and Simon's first baby and Sammy was keen from the start to have baby Isabella at home! After the visit to the hospital they felt more determined than ever to have their baby at home and they asked My Independent Midwife to take over their care so that they could guarantee that a midwife would be available to attend their homebirth. 

Sammy had a lovely straightforward pregnancy. At 12pm her membranes released before any surges had begun. Sammy called Jenny and she popped round to check Sammy was ok. At Sammy's request a membrane sweep was done. A little while later Jenny left a rather excited Sammy to enjoy her latent labour.

Jenny returned home and said hello to each of her 3 children and gave them a cuddle. She was about to take off her coat when she received a phone call from a concerned Simon. Sammy was having frequent and long lasting surges and was finding it very difficult to cope. It was obvious Sammy's birth was progressing quickly and Jenny immediately returned back to Sammy and Simon, calling Sarah to come and join them on the way.

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At 6pm Sammy chose to get into the birthing pool and immediately started to feel urges to push. 

Baby Isabella was born at 7:16pm in the birthing pool

Sammy wanted the cutting of Isabella's cord to be delayed and she chose to stay in the pool until she delivered her placenta following the  administration of the oxytocin injection. 


A message from Sammy ....... 



We cannot recommend Jenny and Sarah enough, we were late to the party feeling lost from and stressed at the hospital and they managed to squeeze all the same care and days into a short space of time, missing none of their amazing care from hypnobirthing to massages to breast feeding they covered everything. And the level of care was outstanding. When things went quickly for us in labour both ladies turned on their heels and we're there in a heartbeat and on top of all this they helped my partner set up, cleaned down even taught him how to use the washer (of course I'm grateful) no task was too much. The care also doesn't stop after they are meticulous at making sure you are ok after too without being intrusive. Honestly the birth was the best bit of my entire pregnancy and everything got better when the independent midwives were with us! Thank you!